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UPDATE: Day 15 - Questions: still outstanding about Casey Anthony murder trial - Does anyone have answers? Dates and times of key evidence

dandmb50flickr's photos on FlickriverOrlando, Florida - Friday was very disturbing with Judge Perry allowing speculating evidence into the trial with videos that were very damaging to the defense which had nothing to do with "real evidence."
It appears that the prosecution is getting very desperate, and just working on the emotions of the jury and the public by continually showing the death scene photos with the duct tape over and over and over. The pictures are real, but it doesn't show how the duct tape got onto Caylee.
By saying "there is no other way it could have happened," is not evidence, and it appears many of the prosecution witnesses are saying just that.
Dr. Jan Garavaglia, Chief Medical Examiner explained there was no other way it could have happened, just her opinion, but the prosecution never showed any videos of Caylee drowning in the pool?

Questions: still outstanding about Casey Anthony trial - Does anyone have answers? Dates and times of key evidence.

What was the date the car was found in the tow yard?

If it was mid July 2008 according to defense attorney Jose Baez, Caylee died June 16/2008 and evidence has been made that the body was in trunk of car for only 2 days.

How is it the body was not in heavy decomposition if it was 29 days later that it was placed in the car?

Cindy Anthony called police July 15/2008 about Caylee missing.

I always thought that hair samples could be tested for any type of drugs in the body. Did they test the sample in the trunk for chloroform and did they find any?

Have they proved, or are they going to prove that Casey put the tape on Caylee's face, or even prove that Casey put the body in the trunk?

Are they going to prove that Casey made the searches on the internet for chloroform, neck breaking and if she didn't make the searches, who did and why?

Are we seeing all jailhouse videos, or only those that are beneficial to the prosecution?

Caylee's body found Dec 11/2008 in the woods.

Dr. Voss from earlier in week, is a bit of a nut job, using his "defining rod" which is a hangar that detects dead bodies in the ground, and wants to put "tracking devices" on (yes really) flies??
Emotions should not be the "Evidence" that convicts Casey, it should be real facts about the alleged murder and until we hear what the defense has to say, we must just hold back judgement. I think she did it, but I still have an open mind.

Trial continues Saturday at 9am.


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