Thursday, June 16, 2011

UPDATE: Casey Anthony murder trial Day 20 - Defense makes some huge advances with evidence and drops some bombshells

Orlando, Florida - Key pieces of evidence that the prosecution said were a slam dunk were challenged today as the defense started with their charge to the jury. Duct tape, blood on many items was discounted by Heather Seubert, an FBI - DNA expert from Quantico, VA when she said many times, there is no blood or DNA on these items that link directly to Caylee, or Casey Anthony.

A big part of this case has been the duct tape which the prosecution said was used to kill Caylee. Today it was proven by Seubert, that there was no DNA on the sticky side of the duct tape. The prosecution countered with the fact that it was under water, six months in the woods, etc, so it will be up to the jury to believe or not believe her testimony.

This was only the second witness that the defense had called and already the prosecution is on the defensive, making all kinds of objections to keep this evidence out but Judge Belvin Perry is allowing most. (overruled) Seubert did many tests on all of these items and found no blood or semen on all items pointing to Casey and the prosecution just kept objecting.

The prosecutor was furious when Jose Baez (defense attorney for Casey) asked the witness about the parentage of Caylee, and Judge Perry said "I don't have a hearing problem, the amplification of questions and objections, I don't need them." and then they broke for lunch. Defense council Baez has said from his opening statement (which is not evidence) that Casey was molested by George and brother Lee and although he knew already they were not matches for paternity, he still tried to get it in their minds before lunch break.

The defense dropped some bombshells, or it would be better described as, Carpet Bombing. Why did the prosecution hide these facts?

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