Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's a sad day for Toronto and CANADA - G20 The world was watching, and are still watching, we need an inquiry.

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Toronto, CANADA - March 17/2011
The G20 summit was held in downtown Toronto, Canada in June 2010 and the outcome was not that great as you can see by the posting below. Over 1000 citizens were arrested and most were released without any charges and the whole weekend event put a black mark on Toronto and it's nine months later and not much has been revealed.
Several groups have investigated the police and their actions and a few have been charged with assault on some people but the vast majority of the police have not been held accountable for the abuse of the citizens. Many citizen rights groups are calling for a Public Inquiry into the whole situation but the  Canadian Government has not moved forward with such a finding.
Many regular citizens were caught up in the crowds and arrested for walking down a street, many young people were searched for no reason and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was thrown out the window for one weekend in Canada's history.
Several lawsuits have been launched against the Toronto Police Service (TPS) and the organizers of the summit and also against individual police officers who were identified by videos and still photographs that were taken.

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