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It's a sad day for Toronto and CANADA - G20 The world was watching, and are still watching, we need an inquiry.

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Toronto, CANADA - March 17/2011
The G20 summit was held in downtown Toronto, Canada in June 2010 and the outcome was not that great as you can see by the posting below. Over 1000 citizens were arrested and most were released without any charges and the whole weekend event put a black mark on Toronto and it's nine months later and not much has been revealed.
Several groups have investigated the police and their actions and a few have been charged with assault on some people but the vast majority of the police have not been held accountable for the abuse of the citizens. Many citizen rights groups are calling for a Public Inquiry into the whole situation but the  Canadian Government has not moved forward with such a finding.
Many regular citizens were caught up in the crowds and arrested for walking down a street, many young people were searched for no reason and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was thrown out the window for one weekend in Canada's history.
Several lawsuits have been launched against the Toronto Police Service (TPS) and the organizers of the summit and also against individual police officers who were identified by videos and still photographs that were taken.

Click READ MORE below to read on about the G20 a sad day .... Lots of videos and great LINKS.

This is the infamous G20 summit video of "BUBBLES" Officer Adam Josephs of Toronto Police Service (TPS) that had a confrontation with a protester as she blew bubbles in his face at a police line during the G20 summit way in the west end of the city about 10 miles from downtown. This one can be seen no matter where you live.

This is one of the best VIDEOS I have seen of the destruction caused along Yonge Street (it may only be seen by people in Canada) CLICK HERE
Several more UPDATES are below ....
UPDATE - February 12/2011 - After the revelations yesterday about Natalie Gray launching a lawsuit ($1.6 million) against Toronto Police Services Board for her treatment during the G20 in June 2010, a story in the Toronto Star today claims the police will finally launch a investigation into her claims that she was assaulted with rubber bullets as she was a peaceful protester.

UPDATE - February 11/2011 - Another citizen (Natalie Gray) has launched a lawsuit against the Toronto Police Service (TPS) for allegedly shooting her with rubber bullets. The police say it was necessary but have no facts, or are not willing to disclose the facts, to prove their statements. The full story can be seen HERE in the Toronto Star today. High profile attorney Clayton Ruby (above) of Toronto is representing Natalie Gray.

UPDATE - October 27/2010 - Very interesting article in the Toronto Star about the disgusting conditions at "Torontonomo Bay" (Detention Centre) during the G20 summit in June 2010.

UPDATE - August 26/2010 - If you click the first small pic (of 4 the one with the protest signs) to the right of the header, that will take you to all my stories about the G20, (tags) or just click HERE.

UPDATE - June 29/2010 - Toronto Star - Legal "Charter Challenge."
Sadly this is not over yet, about 1000 citizens gathered at a peaceful demonstration in front of Police Headquarters last night chanting and protesting the arrest of many innocent people who were caught up in the sweep.

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"Torontomomo Bay" Detention Centre

Hope this is the last G20 summit we have in Toronto for a long time. As of Sunday morning almost 1000 people had been arrested/detained and put through the Toronto Police Service (TPS)
holding/processing centre in the makeshift jail at the Toronto Film Studios - dubbed
Torontonomo Bay
   near Lake Ontario.

These police lines (on the left) were all over the downtown core well away from the "red zone" fence and it was just a cat/mouse situation where the riot squad moved from place to place all weekend, and it didn't appear they had any rhyme or reason. They will say it was all "carefully planned."

UPDATE - January 21/2011 - It seems this video "This is not Canada" is being investigated since these officers from York Region were way out of line searching peoples bags with no reason and is reported in the Toronto Star today and officer 815 (Sgt. Mark Charlebois of York Region Police) seemed a little aggressive far away from the fake five metre rule.Local residents of the Queen/Pape area where the Film Studio Detention Centre "Torontonomo Bay" was built were not happy. I spoke to several area residents the they said "they were not notified by the city of the erection of this Detention/processing centre."(dubbed by locals as Toronto is one of the top five populated cities in North America and we have never used tear gas before, and hopefully never again. Many said they heard about it on the local news but after Sundays use of tear gas for the first time in Toronto's history they were even more upset.
"It seems to be mostly the younger generation that don't respect the police and act up this way," said area resident Rosemary. She went onto say "when it's over I don't think it will stop at future protest, now they know how to stir things up, and it would have been better at the CNE grounds." (Canadian National Exhibition like a State Fair) "it's location makes us nervous and if there is any violence while we're watching, we're out of here." she concluded.
Why did they not build this detention centre on the fringes of the city, maybe Steeles/DVP in a field, or Downsview Airport? (now decommissioned) I believe the violence was uncalled for, but nearly all this destruction was done by members of the group "Black Bloc" (tactics) who go from city to city to around the world creating this violence. They say they never hurt anyone, but just destroy Corporate Companies which is not true, it hurts us all. Destroying a police vehicle or a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) vehicle costs the taxpayer a second time after paying over a BILLION dollars for security for the G20 Summit. In that regard, the police did a great job as they arrested about 70 of them Sunday morning staying at a University of Toronto dormitory residence. Overall 1000 were arrested/detained over the weekend. All were released without charges.

Later in the evening (Sunday) the police, Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) surrounded about 100 residents/protesters with the idea that some of the violent people were amongst that group. They made them stand at Spadina/Queen for about four hours without being allowed to leave or use a washroom, while it rained very heavily. A little fine art done right at Bay/King just after a police car was torched. Hopefully we shall learn from this terrible incident but the people that stood in the heavy rain for 4 hours and the destruction that was committed by the "Black Bloc" tactics were criminal acts and must be dealt with, but it is clearly a sad day for Toronto and CANADA, we must never let this happen again. One person said to me, "this is my Woodstock of our time" and will never forget this as I'm sure I will never forget it.  

UPDATE - June 30/2010 - There are many horror stories coming out about the treatment of many innocent victims caught up in the sweep of the "Storm Troopers" during this past weekend. I think one of the best first hand, well written articles I have read so far is in the CityTVNews24 station when one of their young reporters was arrested, held for about 6 hours and released without charges. A class action suit has been started for those arrested/detained outlined in an article in the Toronto Star by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA). This was one of the saddest videos I have seen of the Black Bloc group destroying Young Street while most officers stood by and did nothing. WATCH the video (may only be able to see it from Canadian locations) very disturbing, yet says it all. I must have walked by there, up Yonge Street from Queen Street about half an hour after this happened and have read reports that the police were not to engage the Black Bloc? Is this true, and WHY?
I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall as the police discussed this strategy. And what was the thinking of all those stores on Yonge Street and College Park NOT boarding up their windows? Many downtown stores did so, and I'm thinking it is because many of these stores rent the space and do not own the buildings and the owners thought it would cost them money to board up the windows, but if they were smashed, they had insurance for such an occurrence. Another very sad Toronto Star story of how these thugs/criminals "Black Bloc tactics" created fear and damage to small business owners along Yonge Street, not just Corporate Giants who they SAY, they are against. As one owner said, "we weren't worried, since the police were right next door at the Chelsea Inn and we expected protection" but not one cop was seen on Yonge Street Saturday afternoon from Queen to College. I predicted this two weeks ago that the "red zone" would be protected but what about other parts of the city, the police said regular patrols would be covering the city as usual, unfortunately they were not, and we need answers from those in charge, why not, we need an inquiry now, with full disclosure. Just a thought, not really sure why many did not protect their buildings from these loons. They (police) say the citizens the protesters became a mob scene, I think they got it backwards, it's the police that seem to be the MOB in this picture.

Should we let this pass and do nothing? 
"ROBOCOP" Riot Squad at G20 summit
How does the story go .. The military came forward and shut down the Jew that was peacefully protesting and arrested him, then they got away with it, so they came back and took away the Christian for peacefully preaching on the street, arrested and took him away and nobody said anything. Then they came for me, and I wish I had spoken up earlier when they took away the Jew and the Christian. We better all wake up and not let this happen to any of us because we may end up in Torontonomo Bay (Detention Centre) I bet it's still open. How about this one, "This isn't CANADA it's G20 land?" and he was a sergeant from York Region Police Badge 815. It appears to me that the police are the aggressors here, they keep going after the protesters as they walk away, and we now know the 5 metre fence rule was hooey and didn't exist, yet they were doing searches a long way away from the "red zone" fenced area? We all remember the protesters video of them sitting on Queen Street singing "Oh CANADA" and then the police riot squad rushed them and they got up and ran for their life. At least in CHINA at Tiananmen Square (in 1989) the 4 tanks stopped, in that infamous video, when the single unarmed protester stood in front of the military tanks. Are we at that point yet? I hope not.

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You be the judge, I'll just report it ... 

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