Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Olympics were great, no fighting I missed nothing.

It didn't seem to last long now their right back at it (fighting). It's amazing I saw one of the greatest games I have ever seen in the Olympics when Canada beat the USA for the GOLD medal and no fighting and nearly all the players were from the NHL. Watching the Leaf-Boston game tonight and 2 all out fights within 1 second of play. And there wasn't any reason for it they seemed to me to be "staged" fights. Right off the face-off they went at it. The only reason they do it in the NHL is because it is allowed since in the Olympics they would be thrown out.

Daniel ........... Toronto, CANADA
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One of my all time favorites.

Taken on the streets of Quebec City in Quebec, Canada during the Winter Carnival in February every year. It's cold but it's fun since you always have your cane with you which is hollow and sometimes people put some cheer in there.


Daniel .......... Toronto, Canada

How about our Candadian Hockey Team at 2010 Olympics in Vancouver...

Photo courtesy Toronto Star

TORONTO - Yes our Canadian Hockey team won the GOLD over USA at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics but the US have nothing to be ashamed of they played one of the best games I have ever seen. It could have never been scripted better and I said when USA tied up the game with 20 seconds remaining in the game, not disappointment but glee since this was going to overtime.

Fluery was not played, Why?
Anything to do with the fact that the coach was the coach of the team he beat for the NHL Stanley Cup last spring?

I always like overtime and that way it can be anyone's game and fortunately it was Canada but it could of been the USA. They won a SILVER so they are still the second best in the world.
One thing I was disappointed about was that the player above Fleury a goalie with Pittsburg Penquins was on Team Canada but he didn't get played once I believe in the whole tournament. I started thinking about it and the coach of Team Canada was the coach of Detroit Red Wings who lost last year in the NHL finals to Pittsburg. Do you think he had a bit of a grudge?

Oh yes the GOLD medals Canada won were the most that have ever been won in the history of the Winter Olympics not sure about Summer Olympics.

Daniel .. Toronto, CANADA

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