Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Are CNN and others, milking this horrible nuclear "meltdown" situation in Japan?

Toronto, CANADA - March 16/2011 - I'm not a huge fan of CNN, but recently with Egypt, Libya and now Japan, there is no better source for news than CNN. One of my concerns is for their reporters, why are they not moving out of Japan with all the dangers that exist because of the nuclear explosions and release of the radiation poisons into the air?

I would have been out of there a few days ago, or even better, I wouldn't have even gone there, are they insane?
Does anyone really believe that the government is being honest with the information they are releasing to their people about the radiation dangers? The nuclear plant is run by Tepco which has a very checkered past and has not always been completely honest with the people.
So many questions and no answers, but CNN is doing very well trying to get the answers to these questions and many others. One thing CNN is doing which I don't like, is saying every night on the Anderson Cooper show at 10pm,  "We will be on tonight for a full Live two hour show" but it turns out they just run the one hour show for two hours back to back, I'm not sure why they are lying about such a simple thing.
UPDATE - March 17/2011 - I watched Anderson Cooper last night and it appears they are listening because for the first time that I have noticed they actually had a full two hour LIVE show on Wednesday night. Are they reading my BLOG?

The reporters and the citizens of Japan are still in danger in my opinion and someone must help them all. Tonight I heard a report that the 50 workers who were still at the Fukushima nuclear  power plant had left, but I find that very hard to believe. They are risking their lives by being there in the first place and if they have left who will be there to manage the shut-down before things get way out of hand?
It seems clear to me that there is still a "meltdown" in effect and someone must be there to manage this crisis and if they are not, things will only get worse.

People will be required to wear these suits and for how long, no-one knows.

Let's consider this amount of radiation exposure to the human body. No amount is acceptable, but it has been reported that a safe level is about five milli-sieverts per year, and on comparison if you have an X-ray, you are exposed to 0.1 sieverts. You do the math, it's dangerous and everyday the people of Japan are being exposed to this without full disclosure from the government.
 What is going to happen if this radiation gets into the food chain? This cloud smoke or steam that is coming from the power plant is floating over the residents still alive from the earthquake and tsunami and now they have to deal with this. This radiation can fall on the ground and then the cows eat it and it can be ingested by humans (milk or meat) and we all know what that means. A lot of this is still unknown at this time because much of what happened in CHERNOBYL, Ukraine in 1986 was with reactors that were built 60 years ago and we know a lot more now. This two-three month old child (on the right) was rescued from the devastation yesterday and will she live trouble free until she is 40 years old?

We shall again pray for all the Japanese people tonight, and wish all the best for their future and hope that this radiation problem is not as bad as it seems. We can only hope.
To read more on the disaster check out the NEW YORK TIMES.

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