Tuesday, August 16, 2011

UPDATE: Casey Anthony murder trial Day 21 - Prosecution does not want evidence entered by defense, WHY? Dr. Timothy Huntington

Orlando, Florida - The Casey Anthony murder trial continued this morning with the defense putting on Dr. Timothy Huntington a bug expert. The head prosecutor Jeff Ashton  is getting increasingly upset with the defenses witnesses countering his evidence and is constantly objecting to anything he says, when it is against their evidence. He's getting so frustrated he is even objecting to "not being able to see photos?"Jose Baez, defense attorney asked questions to the expert, as to what would cause a stain in the trunk of a dead body and Dr. Huntington tried to give his opinion and thoughts but the prosecution objected. However, the prosecution bug expert had given the same evidence when he was a witness for the prosecution. The jury was not in the courtroom for the exchange between Baez and Ashton but the bottom line, Judge Perry allowed the witness to give testimony before the jury.

The main objection from the prosecution was the fact that Dr. Huntington was saying that he could determine if a dead body had been in the car trunk by the stain, or the amount of blow flies in the trunk. The prosecutions evidence showed there was one blow fly leg in the trunk and that it was inside a bag of trash that was there, and Dr. Huntington said if a dead body was present, "there would be hundreds, if not thousands of dead flies."

So was there a dead body in Casey Anthony's car?

The trial has recessed for lunch.

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