Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Volunteers are what makes Toronto's 'Caribana' so successful and last night was an example, at ScotiaBank Toronto Caribbean Carnival kickoff

Toronto, Canada - At Lamport Stadium in Toronto's west end thousands gathered for the kickoff of ScotiaBank Toronto Caribbean Carnival and volunteers make the difference, as one of North America's largest Caribbean celebrations got underway.

The 44th parade starts tomorrow, Saturday and runs along the Lakshore Blvd. with almost/or over a million revelers expected, and there is special seating available to see all the action much closer, if you want to pay the additional fee.

This young women must have had a professional make-up artist do this to her, but apparently not. She did all the makeup herself and she has been a volunteer for the event since she was a young girl, well done. Fortunately the rain held out last night and for the parade on Saturday, the forecast is no rain or she may have lost her beautiful makeup.

And as you can see the volunteers start at a very young age as this 15 year old helps with many different floats, preparing them for last nights event and will be in full swing on Saturday for the parade.

On Friday at Lamport Stadium the forces were out in plain view as they cracked down on people selling products (food, carnival items) without a license. Metro Licensing Commission Enforcement made their tour around the stadium with police in tow as they cautioned people about selling food products and it's against the city by-laws. One of the Enforcement officers said "It's just like someone with a licensed hot dog stand, but the guy across the street is selling without a license."

The problem is that a license costs between $5-600 per year and the city does not sell licenses for single events or for a weekend. Why not? The city says they are "BROKE" why not sell licenses for one event, one weekend, one day, wouldn't that generate income?

Licensing is an excellent idea, especially when it comes to food, and our health, but why hassle Caribbean Carnival vendors and not other events, like the Taste of the Danforth? I have never seen any Enforcement Officers at the Taste of the Danforth, why Not? And the troops were out in full force, for a very small crowd of about 3-4000 people who paid $38 each to attend the event. Do these enforcement officers target only certain groups?

It shall be interesting to see how they stop the millions on Saturday at the parade on Lakeshore Blvd.
UPDATE: Sunday morning it was reported in the Toronto Star that one man was shot and killed and two others received minor injuries when a Toronto Police officer shot the unnamed man with the gun. Special Investigations Unit  is investigating. Very sad indeed. More INFO on the shooting this weekend at the ScotiaBank Caribbean Carnival, CLICK HERE

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