Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Double Your Order, It’s ‘FREE’ – All You Pay Is ‘EXTRA Shipping And Handling,’ Which Turns Out More Than The One Product

Anytown, Anywhere - We have all seen the ads on TV that say “As seen on TV”  and now the newest twist is, they force you to buy two products, even if you only want one. How is that, and why do they force us to buy more than one item, I thought the second product was FREE?
Maybe it’s only me, but it seems like a huge ripoff, since the second product is  ‘FREE’  you are required to pay EXTRA shipping and handling.  The EXTRA S&H works out to almost three times the cost of one product. I hope stores don’t start this idea, can you imagine, sorry you can’t buy one bottle of milk or one loaf of bread, you must buy five. How are they getting away with this scam?
I’ve called the TV sales numbers, and it’s hard to get a final total cost. They say  “it’s plus S&H and taxes,”  and I ask several times,  “What’s the total cost?” and we keep going in circles. They don’t want you to know, they want you to know, it’s only $9.95, but when you get the charges on your credit card after delivery, it works out to almost $40.
And most people are so embarrassed, they just eat it, and don’t complain, or ask for a refund because the refunds are usually allowed, but that’s minus the S&H so it’s more expensive to send it back, than what you originally paid in the beginning.
Sure, it’s fair for people to make money on their products, but to deceive and ripoff people, that is not fair. But what are governments doing about these new twists to TV deals? It appears nothing, since I see them more and more everyday. I’ve called a few times, and you can’t even buy just one item, you are required to receive your FREE  product but must pay the additional shipping and handling charges.
Are you buying these TV products, and do you feel ripped off? Maybe we all better ask,  ”What’s the final charges?” If you agree and LIKE this story, please click the LIKE button below, and tell everyone you know. If we stop buying in this way, maybe they will change it back??

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