Thursday, October 20, 2011

UPDATE: Casey Anthony murder trial Day 31 - THUNDERBOLT - Is George Anthony a LIAR? One time, or many times?

Orlando, Florida - George Anthony was on the stand today in his daughter's murder trial for allegedly killing his granddaughter. This was about the 4-5th time he has been called to the stand.

He constantly doesn't answer questions, he doesn't stay on the point, he just goes into a narrative and tries to get sympathy from the jury. When asked if he molested his daughter, he didn't say NO, he said that "I would never do that" and defense attorney Jose Baez asked again and the prosecution objected, that it was asked and answered, but it was not, it was a YES/NO question.

Questions were brought up to ask about the infamous gas can with the duct tape on it. Baez asked George whether the gas can had duct tape on it when the police picked it up with a search warrant and he said "NO," but when he went to a disposition and gave evidence he was showed a picture of the gas can and it clearly had duct tape on it? The duct tape is important because the prosecution is claiming it was placed on Caylee's mouth when she was found and they are suggesting that the duck tape is what killed Caylee. And the duct tape had a company logo on it and it was spotted at a search site that George had set-up and a roll of it was found in the Anthony's house. But George said today there was NO duct tape on the can when the police picked it up at his house and either the police put the tape on the can or someone is lying?

So George is suggesting by his testimony that the police placed the duct tape on the gas can?? Because he has said when the gas can was picked up from his house it "Did not have duct tape on the gas can" and yet when it was returned to him and it was displayed in a picture at his deposition it did have duct tape on it.
Academy Award performance by George today on the stand as he "blatantly lied" under oath and cried several times trying to get the sympathy of the jury and the courtroom, which in my opinion was an outstanding performance. He was clearly trying to distract the attention from his answers, which he had trouble answering directly without his narrative, and hedged a great deal when he did answer the tough questions.

Is George Anthony guilty of something? Why did he "TRY" to commit suicide, was it because he felt guilty about being involved in the death of his granddaughter which was stated in the opening statement by the defense attorney, Jose Baez. He did purchase a hand gun (January 2009) and the police were informed and picked it up after he had waited the mandatory waiting period and was unable to make any use of it, since he was not allowed to have a gun since his daughter Casey was under bond at the time. He then continued on, and called his parents, to say goodbye, but didn't say the words. He also wrote a suicide note that was challenged today in court. After a proffer (questions asked to witness outside the presence of the jury) was held and the Judge allowed the defenses line of questioning about the suicide attempt.

Prosecutor, Jeff Ashton feels he is in charge of this trial, but has been shot down many times by Chief Judge Belvin Perry who is doing an excellent job.

Why does the MAIN STREAM MEDIA side with the prosecution and clearly have taken sides instead of reporting news about the trial? Especially the group of CNN, HLN channels.

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