Saturday, October 22, 2011

'Occupy Toronto' kicked off Saturday along with 80 other countries and almost 950 cities worldwide

Toronto, Canada - Occupy Toronto is alive and well, and has been peaceful with very little police presence, for now. Let's hope it stays that way, and they appear to be wearing their name-tags.
Over 950 cities around the world and almost 80 countries held protests on Saturday in support of the Occupy movement and Toronto's gathering was peaceful, with almost 2-3000 supporters.
The Occupy Toronto group appears to be relatively well organized yet many protesters are still not clear on why they are there.
They marched from the financial district yesterday to St. James Park which is near Church and King St. East and about 20-30 people set up tents and planned on staying, for how long no one is sure.

Eric from Port Hope, Ontario plans on staying until next weekend. He had several large bottles of water and supplies and is upset with the "1%" who he assured me, he is not. "I'm here to protest the inequality and to basically tell the 1% they need to start sharing." Eric went on to say "I've been looking into it and if you say you are a 'natural person' and if you say that's what you are, the police can do nothing." Only time will tell, if or when the police move in to evict the campers. But he and others said they want this to remain a peaceful occupation.

Matilda Sunshine (10 months) and her mother Dionne from Toronto dropped by to be part of the protest for the day.
"Matilda is part of the 99% and I would like her to be part of 100% and things are just not what what they should be in Toronto and Canada." She added "I have faith in Torontonians and people in general and now is our time, and Matilda is clearly our next generation."
Dionne was also very impressed that everyone was peaceful and she saw very few police which made her more relaxed.

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