Friday, March 11, 2011

Libya, Egypt, 'We only want what you have' and they can't leave, these are their countries, they just want FREEDOM.

  Toronto, CANADA - How very sad, we hear about all the people from USA and Canada getting out of Libya, but what about those that cannot get out. Many have the resources to get the borders and go to Tunisia and other countries but what about those that must stay and accept this horrible regime forever.
One thing I never heard reported in the news, for either country was that the government would fall if the leaders left. This is not true, since in my opinion the governments are well run by the many departments and agencies that currently take care of day to day business. Yes there may be a need for fine tuning, but the reality is these countries have been operating well for many years.

Where is the United Nations, what are they waiting for, more bloodshed? They should move in immediately and get their peace keeping troops into this troubled area to help the citizens who have no where else to go.
I have no "horse in the race" I am just a regular Canadian concerned about these people, all they want is what most countries in the world want, and that is peace and freedom to choose their way in life. Is that really too much to ask? We must all help these people and not let this continue. Contact your local government representatives and let them know you are outraged at what is happening to these wonderful people and to their countries.
We can make a difference.

I hear people complaining that "Is this the only news story" yes it is, if this continues to happen without any intervention by the world community this could happen in any country, and this is not right.

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