Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Man gets brutally beaten while asleep at 5AM by roommate at Toronto Hospital.

Toronto, CANADA - March 10/2010 - Just last week a 63 year old man Larry Solar went into  North York General Hospital in the northern part of Toronto, Canada for some minor medical checkups and was assaulted by his roommate at 5AM as he slept.
Solar woke up startled as he witnessed a man beating him about his head and received a damaged eye (which will require surgery to repair) and several contusions to his head and face.

Photos by
Jack Mason

A nurse at the hospital who wishes to remain anonymous said ......   

"we have never heard of this happening before"

I doubt if it has ever happened in any hospital in Toronto.

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Toronto Police Service attended and say they will be laying criminal charges against the alleged attacker as soon as he recovers from his illness and is released from Hospital.
President and CEO Bonnie Adamson of  North York  General Hospital was contacted for comment but was unavailable. Her message to the community on their website  North York General Hospital says:

"to provide the highest level of care to our patients and their families." She goes on to say "truly representative of the open and caring culture we are creating within our hospital." Also she says in her message "They understand that embracing the health of our patients means caring for their "physical", mental, emotional and spiritual needs."

Every day I see examples of how our hospital team is living our vision Community of Success: Serving with Kindness and making a real difference to people's quality of life."
Mr. Solar tends to disagree with the care and treatment he received after the alleged assault at  North York General Hospital and was forced to leave yesterday on the grounds he has:
"no further medical conditions"

Mr. Larry B. Solar a well known Toronto personal Mobile Concierge service owner said:
"My biggest concern while in the hospital was I wasn't told the exact truth in my opinion and orders given were changed on a daily basis and then changed back again." He went on to say "My caregiver from CCAC (Central Community Access Care) was asked on several occasions to leave the hospital room when my care was being conversed and I believe they didn't want her to hear what was being discussed but I always insisted she stay.  Whenever someone from the hospital was in my room and spoke to me they always had more than one other person there but I was not allowed to have someone else in the room hearing what they had to say to me."

However when forced to leave the hospital they wanted him to go home on a stretcher but say he had
"no further medical conditions" but why did they want him to go home on a stretcher if he was not still medically compromised?

As you can see Mr. Solar has seen better days.
No-one ever expects such a thing to happen let alone while in a hospital and we wish Mr. Solar a quick recovery.

Daniel .. Toronto, Canada
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